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Cincinnati Children's new Critical Care Tower


Membership Categories

There are two different categories of Kindervelt membership. All members raise funds for the same purpose, so choose which option best suits you! 

Group Member

An active Group Member belongs to a specific Kindervelt Group. They must fulfill the individual group requirements for active membership status, such as attend monthly meetings or support local fundraising efforts. There are 21 Kindervelt groups spread throughout the Cincinnati/NKY area.

Citywide Member

An active Citywide Member belongs to Kindervelt but is not assigned to a specific group. These members can participate in citywide meetings and events. They also support group efforts to raise funds for CCHMC.

When you click Join Now, you will first be prompted to choose a username for the members-only website. The next page will ask you to select the membership type and will give details on dues. 

Questions? Contact Kelly at [email protected] or 513-582-6787


Membership Details

Some individual groups may allow associate or inactive membership status. However, Kindervelt City does not recognize any differentiation.

Past Kindervelt City Presidents have earned a free lifetime membership and are not required to pay city dues, although some may choose to do so.

Any members who belong to more than one Kindervelt group need only pay city dues once.

All active Kindervelt members are expected to possess and demonstrate a commitment to supporting our organization.  This is accomplished through one or more of the following ways:

  •      Attend citywide events, Membership Meetings and the Annual Meeting
  •      Serve on the committee of a citywide event
  •      Donate time, money or specified items to an event
  •      Serve as an Event Chair or on the Board of Trustees
  •      Serve as a group officer and/or participate in group projects
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