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Rendering of Cincinnati Children's new Critical Care Tower, opening Fall 2021



City dues are $15 (Members belonging to a group)
Citywide member dues are $35 – ($15 to City dues, $20 to Projects)

Citywide Members can join online via PayPal or send a check and ALL information to Membership Chair Linda Deters, 6624 Baybro Court, Cincinnati, 45224.

Questions, Contact Linda at [email protected] or 513-604-3861

Comparing Membership Types

  1. Group Member – Any individual who pays citywide dues plus any additional group fees and fulfills her individual group requirements of active membership status. Active status allows a member to hold office, vote, attend meetings and participate in projects.
  2. Citywide Member – Any individual who chooses not to affiliate with a Kindervelt group who pays citywide dues plus a project fee, determined by the Board of Trustees, and fulfills the citywide expectations of an active member.  Active status allows a member to hold office, vote, attend meetings ad participate in projects.

Expectations of Members

All active Kindervelt members (both group members and citywide members) are expected to possess and demonstrate a commitment to supporting our organization by participating in Kindervelt events through one or more of the following ways:

  • Attending Membership meetings, citywide events, and Annual Meeting
  • Becoming involved in a project by being a committee member
  • Donation of time, money, or item to event (per chair approval)
  • Obtaining Sponsorship help
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