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Markt/Market History

“KINDERVELT, JUNIORS, CO-OP”.  This was the Women’s page headline in the Cincinnati Enquirer on Sunday, October 26, 1975.  The four-year-old Kindervelt organization with 900 members, decided to join the Junior Co-operative Society of Children’s Hospital in a cooperative venture – Holiday Bazaar – to be held Thursday, November 6, 1975.

Mrs. Kevin Bove was the chairman from Kindervelt and Mrs. William Ventress and Mrs. Stuart Faber were the chairmen from the Junior Co-operative Society.  This joint bazaar was held in the old Vincent Hall on Elland Avenue.  Vincent Hall has since been razed and is now a parking lot.  The Cincinnati Enquirer story noted that, “Visitors should park in the Zoo parking lot and take the free bus to Vincent Hall because of parking problems.”  Free cider and donuts were served on the bus to keep our customers happy.  Kindervelt was given the lower level of the building for their part of the bazaar while the Junior Co-operative Society used the upper level.  “Thirty Kindervelt Groups contributed 175 different items,” reported Nancy Bove in her evaluation to the City Board in December.  “As it was we sold $8,000 out of a possible $15,000, and since the conditions at this year’s bazaar were very crowded, had we held the bazaar in a larger place we would have sold more merchandise,” added Nancy.  So Kindervelt decided to branch out for more room and…

In 1976, Market Chairman Claudia Cummings announced that, “ALL ROADS LEAD TO THE NATIONAL GUARD ARMORY.”  The best news, of course, was that Kindervelt was offered the use of the Ohio National Guard Armory on Reading Road free of charge  This free use of the Armory has continued to date (1989).  Claudia also announced the new name and theme of the bazaar – KINDERKLAUS MARKT, with a German Flavor.  Marcia Falk, the Art Chairman, created the original logo of the Markt; the red and green wreath of children.

In order to carry out the theme of a German shopping “Strasse,” Nancy Groves, the Decorations Chairman, conceived, designed and drew the blueprints for the storefronts which have been used at each Markt since 1976.  After seeking advice from a set director at the Playhouse in the Park and securing donations from local lumber companies, Nancy enlisted the help of Armory personnel.  Enter on the scene Sgt. Dennis Jacobs (Jake) who organized a crew of National Guardsmen to pick up the lumber and deliver it to the Western Hills High School Vocational Carpentry Classes.  After the students constructed the sets, Jake transported them to Nancy Groves’ basement.  During the next seven weeks, the call went out and Kindervelt members from all over the city volunteered their time to paint the storefronts and murals.  Nancy also designed the decorative signs hanging outside each storefront and she designed the bar.  Early Sunday morning before Markt week seven Armory trucks came to Nancy’s house to pick up the finished sets.  With kid gloves handling, they packed them to be set up in the Armory.  Jake has been an invaluable part of the Markt since then especially with the set-up, transporting the storefronts to and from the off-site warehouse and take-down.

The 1976 Markt opened at 6:00 on Preview Night and even the leaky fountain in the center of the “Kinder Stars” did not dampen the spirits of the Kindervelt members and their husbands who enjoyed a chicken dinner, wine and live music.  A silent auction in the Artists’ Corner with bidding on works of well-known artists such as John Ruthvan and Imogene Farnsworth netted action and profit.  The total profits were $32,000.  Forty-five groups contributed over 14,900 items and Nancy Groves, the 1977 Chairman-Elect, wrote to the general membership, “You have risen above and beyond the call, realizing why we are in Kindervelt, and why we are all striving so hard to produce so much for CHMC.”

The Markt was expanded in 1977 to include its own hardworking, year-round Markt Steering Committee whose chairman sits on the Kindervelt Board of Trustees.  Redbook Ladies Magazine chose to feature the Markt in it’s “Christmas in Cincinnati” article.  Three craft items designed by Kindervelt members were selected to be highlighted in the magazine, and Nancy Groves’ four-year-old daughter was photographed modeling a McCall’s pattern dress.  Check-Out doubled in size that year to handle the increasing crowds.  They manned four cash lanes and four charge lanes.  Markt Chairman Nancy Groves recalled that the Fire Marshall was very strict about limiting the Preview Night reservations to 700 people.  The Uniques area which included one-of-a-kind items and some antiques and art work was very popular along with the booth which mailed letters to Santa.  Live trees decorated Markt Park and also served to display ornaments.  The 1977 profits totaled $47,000.

Penny Ziessman, the 1978 Markt Chairman, had one wish for the Markt ’78, “That is for Kinderklaus Markt to remain THE HOLIDAY BAZAAR IN CINCINNATI, the one that people annually look forward to attending.”  After Dr. Lonnie Wright opened the Markt with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, the celebrity guests included Steve Douglas, Richard King, Carmen DeLeone, Joyce Rosencrans, Lois Rosenthal, and Bob Braun, an eager public enjoyed shopping for the sought-after, high-quality, handmade items the Markt featured.  The storefronts were used as backdrops along the Armory walls and Markt workers were easily spotted in their red and green gingham aprons.  Channel 12 did a live broadcast from the opening night scene.  Kindervelt offered space to all volunteer organizations from the Medical Center.  Fifteen vans were used to transport customers from the Swifton Shopping Center to the Armory.  The 1978 Markt netted a profit of $48,000.

Sally Stollar, the 1979 Markt Chairman, challenged Kindervelt members in October, 1979, “Let’s show Cincinnati that nobody does it like Kindervelt.”  She and Barb Diener, the Chairman-Elect, were guests on a WLW Radio talk show the day before the Markt.  They invited Cincinnati to the increasingly popular Markt.  Cincinnati must have listened because Markt ’79 contributed a total of $58,323.

The title of the 1980 Markt Board was officially changed to the Markt Steering Committee and expanded to 25 positions.  Chairman Barb Diener appeared on the Bob Braun show before Opening Night to promote the Markt.  In addition to continuing the favorite soup and salad luncheon, another Kindervelt group added pita sandwiches to the variety of treats offered to the hungry shoppers.  Over 600 invitations to the Markt were mailed in 1980.  Perhaps all these features helped the profits increase to $66,100.

The 1981 Markt Chairman, Ruth Kuchenbuch, felt that, “The increase in profit in 1981 was not due to an increase in volume of merchandise, but to the fact that the Kindervelt members concentrated on producing unique, high quality items.”  Profits again jumped to an unprecedented $75,465.

Mayor David Mann officially proclaimed Opening Night of Markt 1982, as Kinderklaus Markt Day in Cincinnati.  Mayor Mann was on hand to cut the ribbon to open the Markt.  To the tune of a German band customers shopped with Bengal celebrities, including Ken Anderson.  Markt Day featured a fashion show with Kindervelt members informally modeling throughout the storefronts.  At the end of the Markt, instead of loading all the storefronts on Armory trucks and then unloading them at the storage warehouse, the take-down procedure was greatly simplified.  Kroger donated a used semi-trailer which was pulled into the Armory, loaded and then stored in a parking lot until the next year, when it was simply pulled into the armory and unloaded.  Chairman Barb Baumgarth reported a record profit of $77,004.

Markt 1983 was dedicated to the Centennial of CHMC.  The highlight of Markt Day was the cutting of a huge, three-tiered Centennial cake.  To spruce up the Markt for the celebration, Chairman Mary Austin and her committee decided to re-paint the storefronts.  The pieces were spread out on the floor of the Armory the week before the Markt.  There was a real production line of rolling paint on large areas, while steady handed Kindervelt members painted tiny roof lines and window panes.  The Markt was publicized on The Door Store bags which were distributed to 400,000 homes in Cincinnati.  For the first time strollers were allowed on Markt Day and baby-sitting was provided for mothers who worked or shopped at the Markt.  Perhaps this helped the 1983 profits swell to $84,520.

Markt 1984 was the year of the Wreath Affair.  Seventy Kindervelt groups decorated a standard wreath base with creative ideas ranging from wreaths featuring a Cabbage Patch Doll to Nutcrackers and free tickets to the ballet.  Silent bids were accepted during both days of the Markt and the winners were announced at the end of Markt Day.  The excitement of the Markt started a week before the Markt actually opened.  Kindervelt participated in a unique opportunity to showcase and advertise Markt merchandise.  As part of the Mercurio Homes’ Wood Council Idea and Home Show at Chimney Hill in Blue Ash, Markt merchandise was featured in the Kinderklaus Haus.  The designer for Mercurio Homes incorporated Markt items in the decoration of a country Christmas theme.  Kindervelt was the recipient of the donation admission charge, but the major benefit was the exposure and advertisement of the Markt.  Marty Humes announced Markt profits increased to a record of $87,581.  With the Wood Council Idea Home and Show profits of $5,843 a grand total of $93,424 was given to CHMC from the Markt.

Markt 1985 was made special by a 10th Anniversary Celebration.  On Opening Night there was a special cocktail party for the Hospital Personnel, Kindervelt Board Members, the Markt Steering Committee and local celebrities to say thank you for all the support during the past 10 years.  Kroger donated hor d’oeuvres and Schoenling Brewery donated wine for the celebration.  Bruce Brownfield offered his musical talents Markt night and Channel 12 News commentator Rob Braun offered his staff’s services for live coverage of Markt Night, including an interview with Linda Lichtendahl, Markt Chairman, from the center of activities.  Linda’s theme of “You Are The Heart Of Markt” seemed to spur the Kindervelt membership into making this special Markt our most profitable, with almost a record increase of $11,922 in profits The 1985 Markt realized a profit of $99,503 which was given to CHMC at the annual luncheon in May.

“Christmas Around The World” was the theme chosen by Chairman Leann Kuchenbuch for the 1986 Markt.  Capt. Hoon cut the ribbon which began the festivities.  An added attraction was a special visit by Blades from the World Figure Skating Championship to spark interest in the March program.  This year the bidding on the wreaths was changed to open bidding and Wreath Affair was a grand success, grossing over $5,000.  The membership outdid themselves this year in creating merchandise of exceptional quality.  The Markt realized a profit of $87,000.

1987 Markt, “Twelve Years Of Caring,” was a fun year with everything from a gold lamé jumpsuit to lunch at the September Markt Reps meeting.  Many new ideas and dimensions were added this year.  The biggest being the re-emergence of the Preview Party, complete with food, auction of designated items and special guests, Markt Reps and group Presidents.  Another new idea was the production of a soft-cover program booklet covering events of the Markt.  This was favorably received, especially as a revenue generator.  Markt Chairman JoAnn Airaghi announced that the profit of $85,000 represents the caring and sharing of Kindervelt women.

In 1988, Markt Chairman Debbie Boehm chose the slogan “The Harder We Work, The Luckier We Get” for the thirteenth Markt.  This year was the first time the Markt was held on Saturday only.  The one-day Markt was every bit as successful as we had hoped.  The second annual Preview Party was a fun evening showcase for the Markt.  Debbie announced a total profit of $91,654.

“The Gifts We Share” was the theme chosen for 1989.  Featured at the Markt this year was a Christmas tree decorated with beautiful needlepoint ornaments.  They were lovingly handmade and generously donated by the Needlepoint Guild of Cincinnati.  All of Kindervelt shared the gift of their talents to make our last year at the National Guard Armory memorable.  Chairman Susan Laurence announced that $111,115 was the Markt total for 1989, the 14th year of Markt.

1990 was the first year that the Kinderklaus Markt was held at the Cincinnati Gardens Annex.  The Gardens became a “Garden Of Holiday Delights” under the leadership of Chairman Gayle Keating.  This 15th year of Markt, held in an entirely new setting was very successful.  The Kindervelt membership rose to the challenge of creating more merchandise than ever before.  The Markt totaled $133,900.

In 1991, the Gardens Annex was transformed into an “Enchanted Garden.”  The Markt was beautiful with all new storefronts.  Chairman Pam Lape, re-designed the storefronts.  Many members gave generously of their time and talents to implement a lovely new look.  The Christmas area was expanded, yet merchandise seemed to overflow due to the efforts of the membership.  Pam announced a total of $135.451.

“How Does Your Garden Grow?” was the theme of the 1992 Markt.  Chairman JoAnn Dickman, transformed the Cincinnati Gardens Annex into a beautiful garden complete with wheelbarrows, garden gloves, picket fences, berry baskets and professional landscaping.  Kindervelt members worked endless hours to produce a bountiful harvest of hand-crafted gifts., home-baked goods and lovely seasonal decorations.  The 17th Kinderklaus Markt was truly a success thanks to all of Kindervelt’s dedicated members.  Total profits were $122,550.

“Treasures From The Heart” was the theme chosen by Markt Chairman Cindy Ortner for the 1993 Kinderklaus Markt.  The Cincinnati Gardens Annex was elegantly decorated to represent a Victorian Christmas.  Pine roping embellished with frosted fruit and metallic gold bows decorated a white picket fence at the entrance to the Markt.  Over a hundred burgundy poinsettias were scattered throughout the entertainment area.  Antique rugs and trunks decorated Santa’s area and the stage.  Beautiful heart-shaped topiaries of ivy were the centerpieces at the Preview Party.  A few highlights of the 18th annual Kinderklaus Markt included a new storefront called “Kindervelt Cooks,” a fashion show by Talbots and Talbots Kids, a separate food court area (which was added due to the addition of a wall in the Annex) and a wonderfully successful Bakery and Preview Party.  The 1993 Markt was filled with many treasures!  Cindy announced a total of $135,082.

The 1994 Kinderklaus Markt was filled with all of “My Favorite Things,” which was also the theme chosen by Chairman Eileen Harlow.  A spectacular Preview Party kicked off the event.  After a night of great entertainment, wonderful foods and exciting prizes, the ribbon to officially open the Markt was cut by Honorary Chairman Kit Andrews and carried live on Channel 12 news.  The Cincinnati Gardens Annex was elaborately bedecked in burgundy and gold.  The use of dried hydrangea and magnolia leaves gave the Gardens a southern charm that seemed to underscore the beautiful Markt merchandise.  An emphasis on family was evident by the terrific activities which included the Cincinnati Zoo Animals, a fashion show, face painting and a magic show to name a few.  However, it was the Kindervelt membership that truly made the Markt a success by sharing their wonderful and creative talents with us.  Thanks to their dedication, Markt totaled $137,698.

1995 marked the 20th anniversary of Kinderklaus Markt.  The Steering Committee purchased a computer to better enable the Merchandise Chairman record and track the 11,000 handcrafted items generously donated by neighborhhod Kindervelt groups  Thirty new doors were donated to showcase the lovely wreaths, swags and table top decorations for Wreath Affair.  Peach and blue were used to express the theme, “Believe in the Magic,” chosen  by Chairman Pat Horst.  Rocking horses and teddy bears adorned the beautifully decorated Cincinnati Gardens.  The Preview Party was a lovely and successful event attended by more than 800 guests.   Markt Day, enthusiastic shoppers braved inclement weather to capture that coveted item as soon as Honorary Chairman, Kit Andrews, cut the opening ribbon.  The hardworking and dedicated Markt Steering Committee and Kindervelt membership were responsible for proceeds of  $131,607.

1996 was an exciting step in Markt history.  After six successful years at the Gardens, it was decided to move Markt to Historic Music Hall in downtown Cincinnati.  Chairman Erika Towning challenged us to “Reach for the Stars,” and the Kindervelt membership responded, filling the Hall with over 8,000 beautiful hand-crafted items.  The ballroom was the perfect setting Friday’s Preview Party.  The decorations emphasized this year’s colors of navy blue and gold, and angels were seen in abundance.  Over 900 guests enjoyed gourmet delights from Chef’s Choice Catering and admired the angel ice sculpture that was the central focus of the buffet table.  Billboards throughout the city helped to spread the word of our move and 350 more shoppers than the year before crowded the doors to see Kit Andrews cut the opening ribbon on live TV.  Markt 1996 was a success thanks to a wonderful Steering Committee and all the dedicated Kindervelt membership.  Total proceeds were $133,035.82.

The 1997 Kinderklaus Markt continued at Music Hall as Chairman, Lynde Vespoli urged the Kindervelt membership to “Deck the Halls”.  Colors of red, green, and gold were chosen and the logo was a traditional green holly wreath with red jingle bell berries and gold bows.  Centerpieces for Preview Party created of small doors with wreaths and lights carried the theme.  Over 800 guests attended and enjoyed a dinner by the bite provided by Chef’s Choice Catering.  An exciting new addition to the evening was called Preview Party Wreath Affair, which featured 10 spectacular wreaths with extras, to be bid on and won during the party.  Markt day was an all day event with shopping and lunch in Corbett Tower by Kroger’s Chef Choice Catering.  Lynde announced a total of $132,000.

1998 Kinderklaus Markt was truly a “Winter Wonderland” at Music Hall in downtown Cincinnati.  The newly renovated ballroom was decorated with snowflakes and snowmen in tuxedos for the Preview Party, which was attended by over 850 guests.  Red, white, and black were colors chosen by Markt Chairman, Vickie Taylor to carry out the Winter theme.  A new addition to Preview Party was the live auction of four donated Christmas Trees donated by Clossen’s Gallerys, Hasbro Toys, Miller’s Hallmark, and the Kroger Company.  Over 8,000 items were handcrafted and donated by neighborhood Kindervelt groups.  Eager shoppers filled Music Hall’s Ballroom to snap up their favorite items as soon as our Honorary Chairman, Kit Andrews cut the opening ribbon.  The 1998 Kinderklaus Markt was a resounding success due to the tireless efforts of the Markt Steering Committee and our hardworking membership.  Total proceeds were $133,394.28.

The 24th Kinderklaus Markt was one of new ideas.  In 1999, Kris Neyer and her committee moved Markt to the Sharonville Convention Center.  With the move they decided to introduce some new areas to the Markt Floor, this was the first year where groups could summit non-crafted items into a new storefront called M&M.  We also had various companies donate decorated Christmas Trees and Gingerbread Houses that were auctioned off.  The set up of Sharonville allowed us to separete the Preview Party from the Main Craft area.  This created more room for the people at the party and we were able to accept more reservations, (920).  The theme was Tis The Seasons, which included the elements of all the different seasons.  Markt was decorated with Christmas Trees representing the Seasons.  Total proceeds were a little over $153,000.  It was a great and very fun year!

The year 2000 marked the anniversary of the 25th Annual Kinderklaus Markt.  The theme for the year was “A Season of Giving”.  Markt was decorated with red, blue, green, & gold packages and lots of gold ribbon.  Susan Guckert and her committee returned to the Sharonville Convention Center for a second year.  Several new areas were introduced and some areas were expanded.  Preview Party was again held in the Ballroom, but it also flowed to the upstairs into the Exhibition Hall.  Guests found silent auction tables and games located on both levels.  Entertainment was also added upstairs along with more food.  The guests seem to enjoy the exuberate entertainment upstairs, and then ended their evening in the Ballroom for the Live Auction.  Markt Day was as exciting as ever.  The shoppers were dazzled with the expansion of the Walk of Trees.  The mantel designs were showcased this year on walls covered with coordinating wallpaper.  For the first time, shoppers could bring their children for a Santa Lunch located on the lower level of the Sharonville Convention Center.  Next to the Santa Lunch, shoppers had the opportunity to shop in the newly created Kindervelt Gift Shop.  Groups were encouraged to sell non-handcrafted items in this area.  Also in this room, the children could visit the Kids Craft Corner.   Thanks to the dedication of the Markt Steering Committee and the hard working members of the Kindervelt groups, Markt netted over $142,000.

The turn of the Century splashed Markt 2001 with many memories.  This was a year not only to remember in Markt fashion, but changes in history were issues that caused the Nation to pause.  September 11, 2001 forever became etched into our minds as the Twin Towers in NYC were destroyed through acts of terrorism.

Markt 2001 “Hearts Filled With Hope” was strongly affected as the Nation suddenly went into a recession, our sponsors became shaky, some withdrew their support as jobs for many were no longer available.  Fundraising suddenly came to a hault, yet Markt pursued and the Steering Committee pledged stronger toward the 3rd year of our commitment to Adolescent Medicine.  The theme of “HOPE” chosen by Markt Chair, Sheila Maxwell and her colors of navy blue, red, and gold became even more appropriate, as the rally began for all KV groups to pull together to craft and heal the neighborhoods of their grief and anxiety.  Sharonville Convention Center for the 3rd year was elegantly decorated with subtle hints of hearts and gold flickering glitter as Preview Party hosted 600 people.  Upstairs and downstairs everyone enjoyed silent auction tables, 2 live bands, yummy food, and a wonderful Live Auction.  Expanded this year was Preview Party Walk of Trees which joined the ever popular Preview Party Wreath Affair, creating more bidding excitement.  A super raffle of a 2002 Red Corvette Coupe was added to everyone’s thrill thanks to our Preview Party sponsor Tom Gill.  It became an evening to remember which quickly turned into Markt Day!  The crowd was anxious as Kit Andrews cut the ribbon and the 26th annual event was on!  More than 1500 shoppers scoured the storefronts, bid on wreaths and trees, and again enjoyed the gorgeous mantle displays!  Santa Lunch was again successful and Kids Craft Corner was booming with children not only wanting to see Santa, but stopping to make crafts and enjoy the spirit with their families.  The second year of Kindervelt’s Gift Shop was successful, joined by Markt’s new ongoing project of Boxes and Bows making the area truly colorful and festive.  Throughout this tough year the Steering Committee’s dedication and determination never ended, and together with the support of the Kindervelt groups Markt 2001 was able to net a respectable $130,390.

In 2002, Sharonville Convention Center, decorated in white, silver, iridescent, and periwinkle blue, looked like a sparkling winter wonderland with snowflakes, icicles, and white twinkle lit trees.  Markt Chair, Julie Lehr, encouraged Kindervelt members and guests alike to “Celebrate Joy” during the 27th Kinderklaus Markt.

The year brought very few major changes to the event.  It was a year about expanding and enhancing the already existing areas.  Some of the changes that were of note were, Preview Party saw Live Auction move to the middle of the evening instead of at the end, a move that proved to be a great choice!  In Wreath Affair, the mantel walls that had been wall papered over the years, were instead faux painted by the Great Indoors, making a stunning backdrop for the groups that participated.  It was one of the most successful Mantel results ever!  The Kindervelt Gift Shop also changed its set up, moving the groups to the front of the Gift Shop/Kid’s Craft Corner.  The result was an improvement in traffic flow and higher exposure for the groups who participated. Perhaps the most significant improvement was expanding the concept of Santa Lunch and adding Mad Cap Productions “Frog Prince” as the entertainment for the morning.  The event was packed with over 220 people in attendance!  Everyone left with a smile and a stuffed animal from the day!  As the day closed on Markt for 2002, every member of Kindervelt and every Steering Committee member had reason the celebrate and be proud as Markt netted over $159,000!

The 28th annual Kinderklaus Markt Chair, Pam Schwenker, chose “Starbright Wishes” as her theme with the logo being a skating snowman carrying streamers and stars.  While our country was dealing with the Iraq situation and a sagging economy, the Markt Steering Committee continued their planning and preparations.  Preview Party on Friday night began the two-day event.  Several changes were made to enhance the evening.  First, a dinner buffet was planned and was overwhelming received and enjoyed.  Additional table seating was provided in the checkout area.  A second change was the elimination of the “craft game”.  In its place was a Chinese Raffle of baskets provided by Kindervelt groups.  This area was kept on a small scale as it was a “trial”  year.  Silent Auction, always a huge part of Preveiw Party, continued to be large.  This year all gift certificates were displayed in one area on a wall to alleviate the overcrowding on the tables.  Markt Day began with the usual early shoppers.  Once the ribbon was cut, shoppers began their flurry of finding their “just what I wanted/needed” crafts.  The biggest change for Markt was in the Wreath Affair area.  The old, heavy doors were replaced with walls that were positioned in a different area directly across from the storefronts and mantels.  The walls allowed each wreath to be better showcased.  The area that was previously used for Wreath Affair now became Raffle & Personalization.  Groups were ecstatic with the new area as it gave them more room and great visibility than they had in previous years.  The Gift Shop this year was moved to the left side of the lower level and was a great success.  The big ticket items were, “Markt Boxes and Bows”!  Although Preview Party attendance was down by over 100 from previous year, and although crafts brought to Markt by the groups were down by 2,000, we were still able to see a proceeds of over $107,000!!!  Thanks to all who participated and attended.

The 29th annual Kinderklaus Markt, Making Spirits Bright” will always be a year to remember. This was a year needed to rekindle and bring back the true “spirit” of Markt. Ruth Wiley, 2004 Markt Chair, chose as her logo three gold Christmas trees with colored ornaments, encircled with red ribbons. Sharonville Convention Center was elegantly decorated in red and green colors with gold glittery accents everywhere.

The Preview Party changed its name to Kindevelt Gala and had over 500 guests attending the biggest event on the Kindervelt calendar. Cammy Dierking of Channel 12 was Mistress of Ceremonies and our special guests were the Ben-Gal Cheerleaders who helped with the games of chance. There was delicious food by-the-bite and music by two live bands. The Live Auction featured a framed original Pissarro painting of “Le Seine, Paris”, valued at $8,500, plus sports memorabilia, a private box for 12 at a Red’s game, “Fire Up Your Spirits” fire pit of cheer and much more. Our Grand Raffle continued with much success as a money maker with jewelry, golf clubs, a private party package, and gift certificates. To our Gala and Traditional Wreath Affair and the Walk of Trees, we added Bell Ringer Specials where guests could buy now at the given price. The ever popular Silent Auction was bigger and better.

This year brought many new changes to Markt. Santa Lunch returned, with Provident Bank as the sponsor, and well over 225 attending, bringing lots of fun for the entire family. The Madcap Puppet Theatre presented a show for the children plus we had Santa visits, Raffles, Games, Photos, and Kids Craft Corner. A new addition was Santa’s Secret Gift Shop, where the children shopped for their parents and families.

The Kindervelt Gift Shop was popular with individual Kindervelt groups selling their on-going merchandise.

Kit Andrews, Honorary Chair, cut the ribbon on Saturday for the official start of Markt Day as hundreds of shoppers raced in to grab the best merchandise. The crowds were big and continued throughout the day. We increased the merchandise by over 2,000 items and our sales increased an additional $5,000. The Mantel walls were resurfaced with fabric and the tops of the walls were beautifully decorated with tulle and white lights. There were several new and expanded areas for shopping, including Hand Painted Furniture, The Unique Boutique, and Antiques & Collectibles. During Markt Day we presented a wonderful Art Show of Children’s Paintings from local schools.

This year Markt did not have any major sponsors to help with the expenses of presenting such a fabulous event, but the entire Kindervelt membership rallied together by making more merchandise and providing more items to sell in the auctions, raffles and bakery. We increased the bakery sales by $700.

This year was a blessing in so many ways…….making new friendships and working with such an awesome group of women and men. This is the year that the Kinderklaus Markt and the Kindervelt Gala brought us all together in the spirit of love for all the children and in our commitment to their well being. At the close we were all so proud and excited to have proceeds of $113,000. My hope is that we can continue to share these visions we had for “Making Spirits Bright” throughout the years to come.     

The 30th Annual 2005 Kinderklaus Markt and Kindervelt Gala was held at the Sharonville Convention Center on November 11 and 12, 2005.  The theme “Unwrap the Magic” and the colors of light blue and dark blue with highlights of silver and white, was selected by Markt Chair Charlotte McBrayer.  Char’s logo was a Black Top Hat, turned upside down, with multi-colored stars exploding out of the center by a magic wand.  Since this year honored 30 years of the Markt, Cincinnati Mayor Charlie Luken proclaimed the week of November 7th 2005, Kinderklaus Markt and Kindervelt Gala week in the City of Cincinnati.  All of us in Kindervelt were very excited with this news.

We were honored to have our Presenting sponsor as Fifth Third Asset Management, our Diamond sponsor as Kohl’s Department Stores, and our Gold sponsor Walgreen’s.  We also want to thank everyone that helped sponsor this year Markt and Gala as Storefront sponsors to Supporting sponsors.   We want to thank Planes Moving & Storage for their in-kind sponsorship.

This year brought a few additions to the traditional Kindervelt Markt and Kindervelt Gala event.  Gala night was an extravaganza with performers from Dance Etc. The children danced throughout the evening to entertain the 420 people that attended the Gala.  Along with Walk of Trees and Wreath Affair for Gala night we added an area called, “Magical Showcase of Trees”.  The trees were located in the lobby area and were sold in advance to businesses in the Tri State Area for $800 each.  The event was a lottery, which had each business draw a number out of a hat.  The person that drew number one was the first person to pick out and tree.  Then number two picked and so on until the trees were all selected.  It was a very successful event and the trees were beautifully decorated.  We also had a raffle for a trip to Hawaii.  Chances were sold for $100 each with only 200 tickets to be sold.  This was a very successful endeavor.  Bakery was open for business the evening of Gala and did an amazing $800 in sales.

Markt Day was continually busy with a good flow of customers throughout the day.  We added canvas backdrops to the mantels painted with a brick design.  The mantels looked very elegant.  We also added lighting to the mantel displays this year.  Gift Shop was incorporated onto the Markt floor this year and was a very good move for this area.  Markt Art was also displayed in the center of the Markt floor.  Bakery was relocated back to the North wall.  Everyone seemed happy with the changes. 

Santa Magic (previously Santa Lunch) was an event for the children that was held on the lower level of Sharonville Convention Center.  The entertainment was provided by The Frisch Marionettes performing Hanzel and Gretel and The Funny Companie Clowns.  Raffles, crafts, and a visit with Santa provided a great time for the little ones.  A buffet was provided by Sharonville just outside the Santa Magic room so everyone could enjoy lunch along with the shopping and entertainment to Santa Magic.

The Markt Steering Committee, the Men of Markt,  the Kindervelt members and friends of Kindervelt who worked tirelessly to make the 2005 Kinderklaus Markt and Kindervelt Gala an exceptional event, we want to thank all of you.  Without you, Markt and Gala would not be possible.  We were excited to have proceeds of $115,000.00 from the 2005 Kinderklaus Markt and Kindervelt Gala.

2006 brought the 31st Annual Kinderklaus Markt, which was held on November 10th and 11th, at the Sharonville Convention Center.  The theme was “Rays of Hope”, selected by Markt Chair, Jan Rohling.  The logo was inspired by a piece of artwork drawn by a patient at Cincinnati Children’s and it depicted a happy sun with a smiling, young patient in bed; there were birds, butterflies, and balloons all around.  The picture made you think of hope and happiness and that is what we want to bring to all the children with the work we do.  The Convention Center was awash in a rainbow of color as the decorations brightened everyone’s face as they entered for the Gala and Markt to shop and bring “Rays of Hope” to the children and their parents at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the Division of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics.  Fifth Third Asset Management was again our Presenting Sponsor and Walgreens was our Gold Sponsor.  We welcomed two new Silver Sponsors:  Sodexho and Park National Bank; and we welcomed three new Bronze Sponsors:  Bryan Equipment Company, Cassady Schiller & Associates, Inc., and The Richter & Phillips Company.  The John Gray Company provided logo pins once again for us and Planes Moving and Storage generously donated their service by delivering our Showcase of Trees.  There were a number of new things in this year’s Markt and Gala.  We completed the set up with one less day and used a new method for the walls.  The Bakery was moved to the middle of the room and was open for business Gala evening.   The other storefronts were all located against the walls.  Set up was much easier and faster without using the old wooden walls.  At our Gala we had a sit down dinner with our Live Auction starting as desserts were served.  The remainder of the Gala evening was spent in the exhibit hall upstairs with Silent Auctions, a $1000 Jewelry Game, bidding on Gala Trees and Wreaths, drawing the winning ticket for the Grand Raffle, and enjoying Live Music.  Kit Andrews cut the ribbon on Saturday to open Markt to a large crowd of anxious, waiting shoppers.  We had a steady flow of customers all day due to an increase in our advertising this year.  Checkout was moved to the North wall and all the Walk of Trees were moved inside the exhibit hall.  Markt had a new look for 2006!  Thanks to everyone who helped throughout Markt 2006 to make this a success.  We lost a major sponsor and expended extra funds to try new ideas but in the end we made great strides forward for Kindervelt and Markt and can all be proud of the accomplishment of giving the Division of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics $100,000 for our efforts. Coming together for Kinderklaus Markt and Kindervelt Gala 2006, bringing “Rays of Hope” to our children and their families, let us continue to be aware of the significance of our work.  Our arms are separate, yet when we link them we form a resilient bond of community working as one.

2007 was “For The Kids.”  The 32nd Annual Kinderklaus Markt and GALA was held November 9th and 10th at the Sharonville Convention Center.  The theme was selected by Becky Pfeffer, Markt Chair, because the reason we are all involved in Kindervelt is “For The Kids.”  The logo was three kids representing all of kids of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  Fifth Third Asset Management was again our Presenting Sponsor and Walgreens was our Gold Sponsor.  Bronze Sponsors were Cassady Schiller & Associates Inc. and back this year was Tom Gill Chevrolet.  Planes Moving and Storage once again generously donated their service by delivering our Corporate Trees.  New grid walls were purchased this year by Markt.  The grid walls did take some time to put together this first year, but will be very easy to put together in years to come.  Gone are all of the old heavy walls that were backbreaking to put up.  In June the Steering Committee had a “truck cleaning out” party.  We were able to throw away a lot of “old Markt STUFF” that hadn’t been used in years!  We went from three trucks to two J  The old German Village Storefronts were donated to the School for the Creative and Performing Arts.  The GALA this year was an elegant buffet dinner with reserved seating.  Before dinner, guests were entertained by Magician Chuck Arkin.  New this year, guest were entertained during and after dinner by Vegas Lounge singer Mickey Esposito.  Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Steve Stewart of the Cincinnati Reds Speakers Bureau.  The Grand Raffle this year was an exotic trip to Iceland.  Kit Andrews was once again Honoray Chair of Markt.  She cut the ribbon on Saturday morning to open Markt to a crowd of anxious shoppers.  Not only did the shoppers have hundreds of beautifully hand-crafted items to choose from, there were also beautiful trees, wreaths and mantels to bid on, delicious bakery items and many group raffles to buy.  As Markt 2007 came to a close, it also closed another chapter in Markt history, this would be the ninth and final year at Sharonville Convention Center.  Thanks to everyone who helped throughout the year to make Markt 2007 a success. $81,009.36 was raised for the Division of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics.  Together we all did it “For The Kids.”

The 33rd Annual Kinderklaus Markt of 2008 reflected a theme of what each child’s life should be – “Bright With Promise”.  2008 was a year of changes as Markt Chair, Linda Lunceford and her Steering Committee made the decision to move Markt to a new location.  Receptions in Loveland provided an elegant location with an unbelievably helpful staff.  Other changes were the addition of an online auction to reach a wider audience of bidders for our silent auction items and online pictures of trees in Walk of Trees to facilitate phone in bids.  But some things remain the same through the years – our generous sponsors.  Fifth Third Asset Management was once again our Presenting Sponsor, with Walgreens returning as a Platinum Sponsor and Park National Bank joining us as a Silver Sponsor as well as many Copper and Bronze Sponsors.  Kit Andrews also helped to continue the tradition by returning as our Honorary Markt Chair.  Gala was a combination of old and new.  We went back to a “Dinner By the Bite” format so that attendees could wander while they ate.  Games also made a successful comeback to Gala while  Chris O’Brien and Janeen Coyle from 103.5 WGRR joined us for the first time as the Gala Emcees.   The Live Auction was an exciting group of items beginning with a  performance by the Southern Gateway Chorus,  and included such novelties as the right to name a racehorse and a week’s stay in a house on Lake Norris, along with other exciting items. 

Markt Day dawned bright and early to reveal a long line of shoppers waiting to burst through the ribbon when it was cut.  The merchandise tables were loaded with almost 3300 craft items as well as a packed bakery area with wreaths and trees displayed in the front foyer for bidding.  The action continued throughout the day with a steady line of people coming through the doors and leaving loaded down with their purchases.  The hard work of the Steering Committee, the ‘Men of Markt’, all the Group Markt Reps and Kindervelt members paid off with a lot of happy customers.  Thank you to all for making 2008 Markt “Bright With Promise” with a successful total of $107,000!

Markt 2009 was the year of the “Great Recession”.  The housing industry had collapsed under the weight of banking lending practices, which was followed by a great rise in unemployment starting in late 2008, and continued throughout 2009.  Kindervelt women rose to the task of creating Markt 2009 and filling the Loveland Receptions Conference Center with reasonably priced handcrafted merchandise.  We knew our customers would continue to support Cincinnati Children’s, even as unemployment rose to 10%.  We were grateful to once again have the support of our presenting sponsor, Fifth Third Asset Management.

To celebrate the theme “A Bounty of Gifts & Gratitude”, Markt Chair Laura Flagg chose the colors green, red and bronze to bring alive the concepts of remembering the bounty of gifts that each of us has.  Receptions moved to the music of Soul Pocket at the Kindervelt Gala, and emcee Bob Herzog and our honorary Markt Chair, Kit Andrews, both from Local 12 WKRC, kept our patrons smiling.  An Asthma Program parent shared her family’s personal story of success, to remind us of why we support Cincinnati Children’s year after year.

On Markt Day, the mayor of Loveland, Rob Weisgerber, cut the ribbon, and we greeted 1500 shoppers who were delighted with our crafts, handmade by creative Kindervelt women. We expanded the Silent Auction to Saturday to thrill our Markt Day shoppers.  The Online Auction continued through to the end of November for those who missed out on that special item on Markt Day.  By far, the most meaningful part of all was knowing the difference that Markt makes in the lives of those we touch through our volunteer efforts for the children.  Through the efforts of all the Kindervelt membership, Kinderklaus Markt 2009 added a total of $95,000 to the annual contribution to Cincinnati Children’s.

2010 welcomed the 35th anniversary of the Kinderklaus Markt.  Held once again at Receptions in Loveland, the event was “A Breath of Fresh Air”.  Receptions was decorated in Pinecone bows and earthy colors as selected by Marybeth Sullivan, Markt Chair.  “A Breath of Fresh Air” was chosen as the theme as it appropriately fit the division to which the funds for the year would be donated:  the Division of Asthma Research.  The theme was also chosen in the hopes of reinvigorating our membership in Markt’s mission, bringing to the committee many new faces and creative minds, all with enthusiasm and the drive to succeed.  Markt was extremely honored to have Mike Hartmann and Bob Ryan from Cassidy Turley as our Presenting Sponsor.  Also returning as sponsors included Fifth Third Asset Management, as Preview Party Sponsor, and Walgreens, as Gold Sponsor.  Markt welcomed back the Preview Party from years past.  It was a laid back, open house type of evening that was easy on the purse and heavy on the fun.  Kit Andrews returned again as Honorary Chair; and special guests Ickey and Chandra Woods inspired the guests with a heart-felt message about asthma, especially in the wake of the death of their son Jovante due to complications from asthma.  To lighten the mood every guest participated in the “Ickey Shuffle” led appropriately by the star Bengals running back, Ickey Woods.  For the first time selected Markt merchandise was for sale on a table designated “Buy it tonight”.  A “blind raffle” greeted our guests as a new form of silent auction.  The stocking game and wine ring toss game also returned for “fun” raising.  Markt Day opened with Kit Andrews and Loveland mayor Rob Weisgerber, as well as Santa Claus cutting the ribbons to officially open the floor for sales.  Shoppers were kept extremely busy with an incredible variety of crafted items as well as delicious baked goods available for purchase.  Raffles were abundant as well as personalized gifts and beautiful wreaths and trees.  Many children were thrilled to have a chance to sit on Santa’s lap!  It was an amazing journey leading up to the official end of Markt Day.  The team effort for the Markt Steering Committee, as well as the effort from our groups throughout the city proved to once again beat the odds in a tough economy.  Markt 2010 was able to raise $91,100.00 for the Division of Asthma Research, and in doing so was able to be a “A Breath of Fresh Air” for all the children who suffer with asthma.  Great job ladies!

The 36th Kinderklaus Markt theme was “Jingle all the Way”, and that we did.  Markt was held at Loveland Receptions and was decorated in bright red, green, and white.  The logo was the original Markt logo from 1976, the wreath of kids, with “Jingle all the Way” at the bottom.  The atmosphere the Markt Chair, Tracy Smith, wanted was that of a traditional, festive holiday.  Our Presenting Sponsor was again Fifth Third Asset Management. Walgreens continued their support along with Frost Brown Todd, and Bahl & Gaynor. There,\ again was a Grand Raffle consisting of eight $500 gift certificates from area jewelers combined with the sale of a custom made Kindervelt bead by Hug Jewelers.  The bead was a perfect compliment to last years dangle.    Friday evening’s Preview Party kicked off the weekend’s events. There were many fun activities planned for the night. One of the most memorable was the group photo of all past Markt Chairs.  Tracy sent out personal invitations to each past-chair inviting them to the Preview Party for the photo.  They all gathered around the antiques sleigh in the foyer of Receptions for a memorable photo.  The evening also included games, KV group’s raffles, a blind auction, a chineese raffle of items donated by “The Pink Box”, buy-it-tonight items for sale, bakery items for sale, and a musical performance by “The Cincinnati Sound Chours”.  It was a fabulous evening.

Saturday began with Santa Claus arriving on a Loveland firetruck. Santa, Kit Andrews, Mayor Rob Weisgerber, and Fire Chief Ott cut the ribbons at the doors of Markt.  There was a long line of shoppers trailing down the sidewalk outside of Receptions awaiting entry to Markt.  The day’s events included; free photos with Santa, roving holiday carolers, an abundance of bakery and craft items, many beautiful wreath’s and trees, a silent auction, personalizations,  raffles, and gift shop items.  It was a fun filled day.  Markt was successful in raising $65,783 for the Division of Asthma Research.  Thank you to everyone involved!!

The 37th annual Kinderklaus Markt, chaired by Melissa Gaskey,  premiered at EnterTrainment Junction on November 9th & 10th, 2012 including a Preview Party and reintroducing a children’s Santa Breakfast.  EnterTrainment Junction, the world’s largest indoor model train display, was a charming backdrop for our whimsical sweets themed “Visions of Sugarplums” event.  More than 200 people attended the Preview Party emceed by Chris and Janeen from WGRR’s Married with Microphones to raise funds to support the Kindervelt .  Guests enjoyed gourmet hors d’oeuvres from Baracco Culinary while being entertained by the musical talents of the Walnut Hills High School Jazz Combo, The Cincinnati Sound Chorus, and Dean Middleton & Julie Zin.  The evening featured raffles, games, blind and live auctions and gave guests the opportunity to purchase bakery and select hand-crafted items.

On Saturday morning, families with small children gathered for the Santa Breakfast in the café at EnterTrainment Junction.  After feasting on a yummy breakfast buffet by Funky’s Catering, children waited patiently while being entertained with festive holiday crafts, a balloon-animal artist, and goody bags.  When the time finally came, each child enjoyed an audience ( and photo) with Santa and Mrs. Claus in the magical Christmas Junction.

Kinderklaus Markt officially opened to the public at 10 am with a ribbon cutting by our Honorary Markt Chair, Kit Andrews, and EnterTrainment Junction owner, Don Oeters. Kindervelt members created more than 3500 hand-crafted items to sell at this event.  Dozens more produced baked goods and other savory treats to fill the Markt Bakery shelves.  This year also included Kinderklaus Markt’s first cookbook, featuring 300 dessert recipes from Kindervelt members.  By “Having Fun While Raising Funds”, Kinderklaus Markt raised $61,542.91 to support Cincinnati Children’s Heart Institute: Kindervelt Neurodevelopmental, Educational and Learning Center.  Thank you!

 “Let it Snow” was the theme for the 38th Annual Kinderklaus Markt.  Markt Chair Katrina Smith moved Markt to a new location, The Newport Syndicate in Northern Kentucky.   The trek across the mighty Ohio River proved to be a huge success.  The Steering Committee did a fantastic job of restructuring things as a few traditions were changed.  Friday evening, November 22, 2013 showcased the “Snowball Bash,” rather than the traditional “Preview Party.”  At the Snowball Bash, guests were entertained early in the evening by the Walnut Hills Jazz Combo as they enjoyed passed appetizers and then dinner stations including a very popular made to order pasta bar.  Emcees for the evening were John Gumm and Bob Herzog of Local 12, WKRC who did a fantastic job entertaining and running the live auction. We were all reminded of our real reason for attending after hearing the endearing words of our Champion Speaker, Meghan Roswick who has been/is a Heart Institute patient. Later in the evening, guests were treated to the fine music of the band, Spare Change.  Throughout the evening, guests mingled through the beautiful Flamingo Room, which housed all the delicious, and beautifully displayed bakery items as well as the ballroom filled with crafts items. This year guests were given the opportunity to buy ANY of the merchandise that evening, ending the tradition of “Preview Party.”

Saturday, November 23rd, Kit Andrews of Local 12, WKRC, once again cut the ribbon as our long time Honorary Chair and a new batch of shoppers hit the floor to check out all the handcrafted items and auction baskets.  A steady flow of shoppers came throughout the day.  Many came to see a family member or friend that were taking part in the entertainment acts on stage in the middle of the ballroom.  Numerous local groups performed entertaining our shopping guests with lovely dance routines, beautiful music and some lively jump roping.  The “Dancing Grandmas” even made an appearance!  The parking lot was a constant flow of cars in and out all day Saturday and we were glad to see so many new faces to our event. 

With the help of our Presenting Sponsor, Fifth Third Asset Management and several other sponsors and the entire Kindervelt Membership though their tireless volunteering we pulled off another wonderful Markt and should be proud of our efforts as we raised $71,187.94 for Cincinnati Children’s Heart Institute: Kindervelt Neurodevelopmental, Educational and Learning Center.  Thank you “SNOW” much!

In 2014 the Markt Steering Committee asked the Board of Trustees to approve the selection of an enduring logo and event name to allow for branding of the event.  The 39th annual event was formally renamed, and a logo based on the Kindervelt logo was approved for 2014 and potentially beyond.  The 39th annual “Kinderklaus Markt” and 40th annual event became the first “Kindervelt Gala & Market.” 

Co-chairs Sue Crosby and Valerie Taylor repeated the selection of the Newport Syndicate as a venue.  Sadly our longtime Honorary Chair Kit Andrews had retired during the past year, but our emcee for the evening, WKRQ’s Jeff Thomas, filled her shoes admirably and cut the ribbon for the first time at Gala rather than Market.  Professional benefits-specialist auctioneer Doug Sorrell was selected to run the live auction, and for the first time a “Mission Moment” preceded by a video highlighting the experiences of a Heart Institute/Kindervelt Neurodevelopmental & Educational Center family was added to the evening. The first Mission Moment was a huge success, raising over $20,000 in under fifteen minutes, and the evening ended with dancing to live music by Souls of Orange with a Twist. 

After much reflection event co-chairs Crosby & Taylor recommended to Market Steering Committee 2015 that the Saturday crafts bazaar aspect of the event be retired with honor for the 40-year history of its contribution to Kindervelt’s support of Children’s Hospital Medical Center. 

Kindervelt Gala & Market 2014 netted $85,304.54 for CCHMC and the Kindervelt Heart Institute.  

Kindervelt Gala & Market “Celebrated” its  40th Anniversary, chaired by Ree Pebler.  2015 proved to be a very exciting year full of many needed changes for the overall future of Market.  A video presentation was ongoing during the evening capturing pictures of 40 years of Kindervelts Markets and the many years of fundraising for so many Children’s Hospital departments.  KV Gala & Market turned a four-day production into a one evening affair.  We moved it to a new venue, Cooper Creek Event Center in Blue Ash.  It truly was a wonderful “celebration”, enjoyed by all, in this beautiful location, decorated in lime green and brown.

The evening was filled with silent auctions, bakery, crafts, raffles and games.  A live auction and a touching video produced by the Heart Institute of CCHMC for us.  This is the last year of our commitment with them.  Our entertainment was the band, “Ducati’s”, which we danced to 60’s & 70’s Rock and Roll, they were such fun and it was a great addition to the evening.

The Steering Committee did a terrific job adjusting to all the new changes, which worked out beautifully.  Instead of the all day Saturday Market Day following Gala, two other opportunities to sell our crafts were added.   Everyone was excited about our Halloween & Fall themed show at Children’s Hospital in October which proved to be a great success.  We also added, (besides post Gala & Market sales at the Hospital the week after Gala),  another opportunity to sell at the Liberty Campus, so we kept our crafters and bakers very busy.  Another improvement was removing the time consuming inventory sheets for crafts and bakery, making it a lot easier on the market reps this year!  Walk of trees and wreath affair were also discontinued due to space restraints and incorporated into other areas at Gala.

The committee took on the huge job of cleaning out the KV  truck during the summer.  Never knew we used to have 4 semi-trailers.  We tossed a lot of old, useless stuff and reorganized.

The team effort of the Steering Committee, as well as the efforts from our groups throughout the city, made this 40th Anniversary “Celebration” a huge success, raising over $100,000.00


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