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Findlay Market

It was a rainy, windy day at Findlay Market on Saturday. We packed up early! Items were damp just because of the dampness in the air. Committee members graciously took the items home and allowed them to dry out. Tent…

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Bleed for a Cause

Kindervelt Bleeds for their Cause! Kindervelt needs your help and your blood. plasma & platelets to win this year's Hoxworth "Bleed for a Cause" blood drive contest. The 2016 campaign will be held July 18 thru August 13. The purpose…

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Facebook User info

If you have a Facebook account, please read and take action. Social Media is powerful and we need all to help out.  To print this out, click HERE. How to help Kindervelt Market & Gala on Facebook In order of…

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