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Cincinnati Children's new Critical Care Tower

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“Hearts Filled with Hope” Kindervelt in the early 2000’s

by Nancy Groves Van-Buskirk #29 “Hearts Filled with Hope” was the theme of the 2001 KinderKlaus Markt. Sheila Maxwell, 2001…

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A Look Back – Kindervelt in the New Millennium

by Claire Kupferle #3 Moving into the 21st century, the organization faced a shift in the pattern of volunteering, with…

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President’s Message – June 2021

“What a year!” When people use this phrase referring to the COVID-19 pandemic it often has negative undertones; a year…

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From the President -May 2021

Happy May!  As we approach the end of our fiscal year, the first of 4 years supporting the Division of Critical…

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Kindervelt Events in the 1990’s

By Nancy Groves-VanBuskirk #29 This was another amazing decade for Kindervelt. It was a decade in which we had our…

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Blazing a New Trail in Training

Matthew W. Zackoff, MD, MEd Our primary responsibility as clinicians is to care for children. We spend our days working…

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A Look Back, the 90’s

by Claire Kupferle #3 The decade of the 1990s was a time of explosive growth in the internet and computer…

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Understanding the Different Types of Mental Health Professionals

Kyle Caldwell, M.Ed., LPCC-S Since the month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month, it would seem fitting to spend…

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Kindervelt in the 80’s, The World Skating Championships

by Nancy Groves-VanBuskirk #29 “When 2000 women came together to create a lot of positive energy.” Karen Hadden KV City…

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President’s Message – April 2021

“Kindervelt is unique. It is one group among many; it is many groups within one. It is next to impossible to number…

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A Look Back – The 80’s

by Claire Kupferle #3 While the 1980’s came to be known as the “Me Decade,” the Kindervelt community bucked that…

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Autism Awareness Month 2021

Tara Dale, LISW-S April is Autism Awareness Month, so we wanted to share some guidance for supporting loved ones with…

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