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Cincinnati Children's new Critical Care Tower

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President’s Message – Summer 2022

I hope you all are enjoying some summer fun. My grandchildren have reminded me that summer fun is a time…

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Understanding PTSD

Kyle Caldwell, M.Ed, LPCC-S The month of June is PTSD Awareness Month, and below I would like to share some…

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President’s Message – June 2021

Kindervelt surely bloomed this spring revealing an annual giving of $603,000! How amazing! Thank you to our Annual Meeting Chair,…

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President’s Message – May 2022

With one month left on my term as City President, my heart is blooming with gratitude. I thank every Kindervelt member…

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Slate for 2022-2023 Board of Trustees

On behalf of the Nominating Committee with Board Approval, I present the following slate for the Kindervelt Board of Trustees…

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President’s Message – April 2022

In the United States, April is National Volunteer Month—a month dedicated to recognizing the importance of volunteering and honoring the significant…

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President’s Message – March 2022

Happy March! I certainly am feeling lucky to be volunteering with such great people for such a fine cause. Congratulations and thanks to Suzanne…

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Understanding Self-Harming Behaviors

Kyle Caldwell, M.Ed, LPCC-S Since March is Self-Harm Awareness month, I believe it would be beneficial to take time to…

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President’s Message – January 2022

We all get the exact same 365 days. The only difference is what we do with them.                                                                       Author, Hillary DePiano Our…

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Managing Parent-Child Conflict

Kyle Caldwell, M.Ed, LPCC-S As I work in the Emergency Department and conduct psychiatric evaluations on children and teenagers, all…

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President’s Message – December 2021

What a fabulous way to kick off the holiday season at our 50th Jubilee! It was a magical evening and Mary…

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“Together, We Are Family”

If you watched the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Critical Care Building, you couldn’t help but notice how big…

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