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About Kindervelt

Kindervelt is an organization composed of neighborhood or other common-interest groups joined together by a central, city-wide board of trustees. It is the largest auxiliary of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) and is recognized as one of Greater Cincinnati’s outstanding volunteer organizations.


Projects sponsored by Kindervelt groups include¬†: dinners, garage sales, dances, fashion shows, and sporting events. The possibilities are endless. Hundreds of these events are carried out each year, giving Kindervelt members and their communities a great deal of enjoyment. Many groups offer various items for sale on an ongoing basis: cookbooks to mulch, Christmas trees to sweatshirts. Well over half of Kindervelt’s annual donation to CCHMC comes from the cumulative efforts of these individual projects. The board of trustees coordinates projects that unite local groups for city-wide events. These combined events have raised millions of dollars and have helped CCHMC provide critically needed services to the children. The dollars we raise go far because Kindervelt pays no salaries and depends on volunteers to plan, organize, and execute all activities. Legal counsel and accounting services are provided by CCHMC.

Over the years, Kindervelt activities have focused public interest and good will on the excellent facilities, staff, and services at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. While the main goal of Kindervelt is to raise funds for CCHMC; many projects undertaken by members serve to benefit the city as well. Kindervelt has earned a reputation for having enthusiastic, capable, and reliable volunteers. Their involvement in area events represents countless volunteer hours and leadership. Many Kindervelt members have been selected to chair major events in the Tri-State area.

Where Kindervelt’s donations have helped

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is one of the top five pediatric hospitals in the United States. CCHMC is dedicated to serving the health-care needs of children and providing research and education programs that ensure delivery of the highest quality pediatric care to our community, the nation, and the world. A full range of services is available to every child and family, whether the situation involves a simple illness, a chronic disorder or a life-threatening condition.

Kindervelt-sponsored gifts have supported both medical research and the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment. Kindervelt funds purchased a tomographic unit for the radiology department , and life-support equipment for the cardiac care unit. A fluorescence microscope purchased for the hematology/oncology division assists cancer researchers. Several years of Kindervelt funds aided in the formation of the Division of Infectious Diseases, and the Kindervelt Cardiovascular Research Endowment Fund, which provides a permanent endowment for much-needed research.

A three-year pledge was used to endow the Kindervelt Professorship of Pulmonary Medicine, ensuring the continuation of the medical center’s position as a national leader in molecular genetic research relating to diseases of the lung in children, and now saves the lives of thousands of infants with respiratory distress syndrome. Kindervelt supported the Kindervelt Trauma Center which is located in the emergency department, and the Kindervelt Critical Care Program. This program offers state-of-the-art care, to children who need intensive monitoring and treatment. The Kindervelt Critical Care Program is the only one of its kind in the Tri-State region. In keeping with its mission, Kindervelt has just completed a five-year commitment to fund the Division of Adolescent Medicine. The Division offers resources and support for adolescents and the physicians who treat them, and has strived to provide the highest quality care for adolescents regionally and, through research and education, to improve adolescent health globally.

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