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Bleed For A Cause Blood Drive at Hoxworth Blood Donation Centers.  

Help Kindervelt win up to $11,000 recruiting donors who donate during the month of July.  All you have to do is give blood and encourage your friends and family to give blood.  Donors MUST say the donation if for the Kindervelt/Cincinnati Children's Hospital Team. 

Cincinnati Children's receives more blood from Hoxworth than any other hospital.  Our citywide network and proximity to blood centers all over the city gives our organization a distinct advantage.  This seems like the perfect win-win-win for Kindervelt, Hoxworth, and those in need of lifesaving blood products.  

Bleed for a Cause is July 1 – July 31, 2015.  Each donation earns points depending on the type of donation:

  • Whole blood = 1pt
  • Red Cell = 2pts
  • Plasma = 2pts
  • Platelet = 3pts (Platelet donors can donate every 14 days, so you could potentially earn 9 pts!)
  • 1st Time Donors earn a bonus of 2pts in addition to the above

Information for first-time donors:

Call Hoxworth at 451-0910  today to schedule your July appointment(s)! THANK YOU!!

Questions…contact Susan Kelley (KV#76) at [email protected] or 513-314-0907.


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