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From the Division of Critical Car & PICU

As members of the Division of Critical Care and the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, we extend our deepest gratitude for your unwavering commitment over the past four years. Together, we opened the Kindervelt Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in November 2021. What began as a 35-bed medical and surgical unit has now expanded to 48 beds in the new Critical Care Building, thanks to your generous support. Additionally, your contributions have enabled us to establish the Kindervelt Endowed Chair, a testament to your dedication to advancing pediatric care and research.

Throughout this journey, we have marveled at your innovative fundraising efforts, particularly during the challenges posed by the pandemic. A total of $2,389,500 over four years is a transformative gift that you have given to Cincinnati’s most critically ill children.

Attending your events and interacting with you has been both inspiring and enjoyable and we have felt like members of the Kindervelt family truly emboding, that “Together we can make a difference”.

It’s important to note that this is not the first time Kindervelt has made a significant impact on the Division of Critical Care Medicine. In 1999, the Kindervelt Laboratory for Critical Care Medicine Research was established, thanks to your support. This initiative, named in recognition of Kindervelt’s generous contribution, played a pivotal role in advancing our research endeavors, particularly during the tenure of our former late division director, Dr. Hector Wong. The establishment of his lab, with Kindervelt’s early support, laid the foundation for numerous research studies focused on children with sepsis, thus advancing pediatric critical care globally. Similar to the impact of the 1999 gift, the Kindervelt Endowed Chair will play a crucial role in retaining and attracting top talent. These individuals will not only build upon our existing programs but also spearhead innovations that enhance patient care, research, and education. Their contributions, much like Dr. Wong’s, will elevate the standard of care for critically ill children worldwide.

We are truly overwhelmed with gratitude for the generosity you have shown and for your tireless efforts in fundraising, especially during such challenging times. Your record breaking fundraising efforts and unwavering support of Cincinnati Children’s and the Division of Critical Care Medicine is humbling, and we are deeply touched by your kindness. As we reflect on these four remarkable years, we do not say goodbye but rather say, “see you later.” On behalf of the faculty, fellows, staff, and, most importantly, our patients and their families, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your incredible contributions.

Maya Dewan, MD MPH
Division Director, Critical Care Medicine

From The Division Of Critical Car & PICU
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