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President’s Message – June 2024

I would like to thank Cindy once again for her incredible leadership for the past 2 years as Kindervelt City Wide president. Her passion and energy had a huge impact on the organization. I am humbled to step into the City-Wide leadership role and follow in her footsteps.

As we are heading into summer, I wanted to thank everyone for the incredible fundraising efforts put forward to donate $716,500 to Cincinnati Children’s PICU department, closing out our 4-year partnership. The Board of Trustees will be getting together to kick off the 2-year strategy session for our DOING MORE GOOD TOGETHER vision in June. We will also be kicking off our Marketing Strategy to help drive broader awareness of our organization with the foundational goal of raising more funds for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

I am looking forward to the upcoming Kindervelt fiscal year as we head into our new 4-year commitment with the Advanced Leukemia Therapies and Research Center. The new center brings together experts who study blood cancers in children and adults. Our new fundraising commitment runs from June 1, 2024 – May 31, 2028. I wanted to share some details about the division and what incredible lifesaving new therapies we can help support for the No. 1 ranked Cancer and Blood Diseases institute. AML or Acute Myeloid Leukemia is an aggressive blood cancer occurring in kids and adults. Currently, the standard of care for patients with AML is very toxic, with long-term side effects. 30-40% of patients will relapse after treatment with a 15% five-year survival rate. Patients who don’t respond to the treatment have a 0-5% survival rate. Due to the lack of funding, the pace of discovery and new drug development is slow. Kindervelt’s fundraising efforts can accelerate the process through which scientific discoveries become lifesaving new therapies.

Here are the events are we looking forward to over the summer, and these are the first that will be supporting our New Division. Don’t miss out on the KV#16 Annual Golf outing, on June 3. Followed by KV49’s “Let’s Laugh for Kid’s Sake” comedy show, a great way to start your summer off with laughs.

I am very energized and grateful for the opportunity to lead the Kindervelt organization for the next 2 years. I am also very fortunate to be surrounded by such incredible women who are united together to improve the lives of Children through Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

I would like to leave you with this quote as we embark into the new Kindervelt Year 24’ 25’

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. ― Margaret Mead

Your Friend In Kindervelt,
Suzanne Nemeth
Kindervelt City President

President’s Message – June 2024
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