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Member Highlight – Kim Lucken

We have some very interesting facts about long time member, Kim Lucken. Kim was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan (our motor and Motown city). After college she went on to earn her MBA in Business. Kim worked in Healthcare Administration while living in Grand Rapids. While working at the local hospital she joined the Jr. Guild volunteering as a dinner and activities coordinator. Being a volunteer has always been part of Kim’s life. As a young student, she helped with reading. As a young mother, she was involved with JDRF, (Raffles and Walks), Lindbergh Center for Hope and continued her volunteering through her church and Interfaith Hospitality Network (Homeless), VBS volunteer, room mother and PTO President.

She and her husband, Bill, raised three children and when a new job opportunity came along, they found themselves in Montgomery in 1999. Kim was anxious to get out and meet people and find a new purpose. As luck would have it, she saw an ad in the newspaper promoting Kindervelt. She contacted membership, became a guest at a local meeting and as the quote goes, “the rest is history.” Kim loved the ladies and more importantly Kindervelt’s mission statement. Two of their children received health services at CCHMC and that solidified her commitment to KV.

She has belonged to three groups through disbandment and mergers and is currently involved with KV #22 in Montgomery. Kim has used her business skills as President, group Krafts Chair, Secretary, sub committees and is currently Kindervelt’s Fall Event Chair and working with the North Region presenting, LAUGHTER, the BEST MEDICINE.

Kim is a big proponent of attending other groups’ events and fundraisers.”Not only is it fun, but you get to meet and be with other members who all have the same commitment to Kindervelt. As it gets harder to find volunteers, it is crucial that we all work together on our fundraisers. That is the thinking behind The North Region taking on the Fall Event. Certainly, many hands make light work. And, it also keeps the FUN in Kindervelt Fundraising.”

A friend gave Kim a pouch with the following message- “Please stop me before I volunteer again.” Kindervelt is grateful Kim didn’t follow that message. Thank you, Kim for all you do in our community and especially Kindervelt. See you and your committee members at Fall Event! -Sheila Horan

Member Highlight – Kim Lucken
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