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President’s Message – April 2022

In the United States, April is National Volunteer Month—a month dedicated to recognizing the importance of volunteering and honoring the significant contributions volunteers make by generously donating their time and talents to worthy causes.

Our Kindervelt volunteers are some of the best around! In the final two months of our fiscal year, we have the calendar packed with many events which will all help boost the check amount! Mark your calendars for May 18th so you don’t miss attending the Annual Meeting and our 2nd check presentation to the Division of Critical Care Medicine and the PICU. All members are encouraged to attend. It’s always so fun to be a part of the live reveal of the check amount and it’s sure to be a very sizable amount as our groups have really been working hard now that some COVID restrictions have been lessened. I so admire the dedication everyone has been displaying to round out our year.

The slate for the 2022-2023 Board of Trustees is presented in this newsletter. Many thanks to such a wonderful group of ladies who have so graciously agreed to serve the organization. We will vote to approve the slate and install the officers at the Annual Meeting.

Groups will be busy selecting their officers this month for the 2022-2023 year. It’s a perfect month to do such a task as it’s the month recognizing the importance of volunteerism, so don’t be shy…raise your hand!!

Happy Spring and Happy Easter! As you enjoy all the wonders of this beautiful season, try to support a group hosting a Spring event! There are plenty to select from, all listed in this edition of the newsletter.

As always, I thank you so much for all you do for Kindervelt and CCHMC. We are making a difference and changing the outcome, TOGETHER!

Katrina Smith
Kindervelt City President
President’s Message – April 2022
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