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President’s Message – November 2021

It’s Jubilee time!! The Fall Event Committee has been hard at work preparing for this historic event. Come one, come all…it’s sure to be a fun evening. Simply register or donate by clicking this link or scanning the code. Plenty of details regarding the evening in this issue, so check it out and join us. Bring a friend too!

The tours of the new Critical Care Building were wonderful. We appreciate the Development Department leading the tours and giving us the opportunity to see the amazing facility. Thanks also to Drs. Stalets and Dewan who were on hand to explain many of the exciting things that will be available in the PICU area. Every minute we put into fundraising for CCHMC is time well spent, especially knowing, and now seeing firsthand, how important our contribution is to their needs. Don’t ever forget that every bit of time a Kindervelt member gives is making a true difference in many lives; thank you for that!

PLENTY happening this month, so take some time to absorb it all in this edition.

See you at the Fall Event: 50th Jubilee, to celebrate! Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family.

Katrina Smith
Kindervelt City President
President’s Message – November 2021
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