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The Founders’ Vision of Kindervelt – An Interesting Look at Our Beginnings

This excerpt is taken from an article written for perhaps a brochure or publication about Kindervelt in 1971-1972. I found it to be very interesting and wanted to share some of it with you. So enjoy! – Nancy Groves-VanBuskirk

“Kindervelt” – Now there is an odd-sounding word. What does it mean?
Kindervelt is German for Child’s World.

But what is it? First of all it is quite new, so possibly you‘ve never heard of it. As late as fall, 1971, it was only a gleam in the eyes of a small group of enthusiastic women who wanted to start a different kind of auxiliary to raise funds and spread the good news about Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

And Kindervelt is different… so different, in fact, that you can forget all you’ve ever known about hospital auxiliaries.

Kindervelt is made up of many small groups of women doing their own thing to raise funds for Children’s Hospital Medical Center. “Doing their own thing” means each group selects projects or events which the members truly feel would be right for their own situation, and above all, FUN.

The key word is “fun.” Kindervelt members do not, for instance, go door-to-door soliciting funds for the Center. That’s no fun! Instead, they brainstorm various ideas until one really clicks. And that’s how fun projects are born…. The sky’s the limit. If it can be dreamed up, some Kindervelt group will do it. Projects need only be in good taste and are subject only to the approval of the general projects Committee.

It Takes All Kinds

What kinds of people form Kindervelt groups? All kinds. Kindervelt seeks the participation of women from all parts of the Greater Cincinnati area, all ethnic and religious segments of the community. Kindervelt groups are most easily formed by women with common interests. Many are friends from the same neighborhood. Some are wives of men who work for the same company. Others form offshoots of existing groups — women’s clubs, PTAs, church groups and the like. All have a deep interest in the welfare of children.
  • The average Kindervelt group has 20 members – some more and some less. Like most things in Kindervelt it is up to the groups to decide.
  • Each Kindervelt group has its own chairman, vice chairman, treasurer and whatever other officers it feel are necessary. The overall Kindervelt organization has a general chairman and the general officers who play a coordinating role.
  • Kindervelt members pay dues of $2 a year. One dollar is kept in the group’s special bank account as “seed money”. The other is sent to the Kindervelt general treasurer.
  • Kindervelt funds are turned over to the Trustees of Children’s Hospital Medical Center each year and used at the discretion of the trustees to meet the needs of the Center.

What New Members Think About Kindervelt

“To be in on the “ground floor” is like having a new baby. We all want to see it grow.”

“Because we all have busy lives – being in a neighborhood group where we can meet casually in each other’s homes and use our limited time for fun projects.”

“Kindervelt is something we thoroughly enjoy and a great way to help children. How can you not be turned on by that combination?”

“Everyone likes to get in on a good thing and Kindervelt groups are springing up all over town.”

Kindervelt like Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center has grown and evolved over these past 5 decades, but as you can see we have remained true to our core purpose and values.

The Founders’ Vision Of Kindervelt – An Interesting Look At Our Beginnings
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