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President’s Message – June 2021

“What a year!” When people use this phrase referring to the COVID-19 pandemic it often has negative undertones; a year full of challenges and setbacks. Well, my Kindervelt family, we did it. We changed the narrative. WHAT A YEAR! Congratulations to the entire Kindervelt community for a tremendous job fundraising despite the pandemic. Our gift of $410,000 to CCHMC solidifies that Kindevelt is alive and thriving and nothing can stop us.
It was beyond wonderful celebrating the accomplishments of the year (and previous year) in person at the Kenwood Country Club. Many thanks go to Amy Rosenberg for her fantastic job organizing the Annual Meeting. Congratulations to all the membership award winners who were recognized at the event. It’s so amazing to now have a 50-year member! Special congratulations also to the 2020 Barbara Fitch Award recipient, Char McBrayer!

I must thank the ladies that served on the board with me this past year. They were wonderful to work with. We now transition to another fiscal year and welcome 5 ladies brand new to Kindervelt leadership. I applaud them for stepping up and serving and I look forward to working with them.

WHAT A YEAR! Together we made a difference! And now we continue making a difference as we embark on our 2nd year with the Division of Critical Care Medicine and the PICU.

Lots of exiting things will be happening this summer and fall as we continue celebrating our 50th year! Please keep November 12 open to help us celebrate in a big way at the Fall Event: 50th Jubilee.

Have a happy and safe summer!

Katrina Smith

Kindervelt City President
President’s Message – June 2021
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