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President’s Message – February 2021

Recently I was informed of the sad news that Janet Davis, one of our founding members, had passed away. I did not have the pleasure of ever meeting Janet, but after speaking with her son and several other Kindervelt members involved in our beginning years as an organization, I quickly determined I missed out on personally knowing a dynamic woman.  She led an incredibly active life and that included serving on the first Kindervelt Board of Trustees as Treasurer.  She was instrumental in creating the initial financial policies, trained several future treasurers and later served many years on the board at Cincinnati Children’s.

Talking with some ladies that worked with Janet during Kindervelt’s formative years I heard how dedicated she was to everything she was involved in with descriptive words like, “focused, active, business minded, serious, bright, wise, impeccable professionalism, admirable work ethic, and firecracker!  She was a great inspiration to many, especially in her career when working with the young realtors. She was a doer and her nickname “Sarge,” fits her “take charge” attitude perfectly.  I was told she even made an impact on the study of handicap accessibility and kept public facilities up to code with her “tromps to restrooms!” These often took place during monthly lunch gatherings she and a group of Kindervelt friends have had for the past 40 plus years, without repeating going to the same restaurant twice!  Janet always made time to meet with her Kindervelt friends over the years despite her busy schedule.  How wonderful that those ladies’ friendships have lasted all these years; a perfect example of how Kindervelt provides a foundation for lifelong, meaningful relationships as well as making a difference in the lives of children.

Special thanks to Rodger Davis, Sharry Addison, Barbara Fitch, Nancy Hancher and Barbara Havlovic for chatting with me and sharing fond memories of Janet and the early years of Kindervelt.   We’re so thankful she and the other founders persevered and got Kindervelt off to such a great start, one great enough to sustain 50 years, with many more to come!  Please see more about Janet’s wonderful life by clicking the link to read her obituary.

Katrina Smith
Kindervelt City President
President’s Message – February 2021
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