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President’s Message – January 2021

In 1971 a gallon of gas cost 40 cents, a United States postage stamp cost 8 cents, Richard Nixon was President, Disney World opened its doors, and a great organization was born called Kindervelt-German for “children’s world!” Yes, it’s hard to believe, but Kindervelt is 50 years old!  We have so much to celebrate: 50 years of enthusiastic efforts by hundreds of members serving the community and making a difference for the kids! How exciting! Let’s embrace this new year with all kinds of renewed energy to continue our mission along with some special celebrating. As we well know from our experiences this past year, nothing can stop us!
This winter is going to still be tough, especially since our option for outdoor activities will be on hiatus, but as we have seen so many times already, our groups continue to find ways to raise funds in new ways. I know it’s not ideal, nor easy, but it’s oh so worth it! Thank you for all you are doing big and small to assure we continue to thrive with our fulfilling work.
It’s time for the annual New Year’s Resolutions…make this be the year you resolve to submit names to Ginny Myer, our Nominating Committee Chair, for consideration for Board of Trustees positions. That’s a resolution you can actually follow through on. Just send her an email at [email protected]. Being a part of the BOT has been such an incredible experience for me being able to work with so many great friends from other groups! We would love to have you join the leadership team…consider it!
I wish you the happiest and healthiest New Year!!
Katrina Smith
Kindervelt City President
President’s Message – January 2021
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