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Managing Your Child’s Stress in the Midst of a Pandemic

Kyle Caldwell, M.Ed, LPCC

Due to COVID-19 virtually all of us have experienced recent change in our lives, including our children. Much of what they know as normal has been turned upside down, and with that comes stress. Here are some ways that you can help your child to manage stress at this Ime:

  • Aim to preserve a sense of routine as best as you can. Children thrive on routine and structure, and when things are out of place they are affected. Right now you may not have a lot that you have control over, instead focus on what you can control (e.g. maintaining consistent dinner times, bed times, and other family rituals).
  • Be mindful of what you say and how you say it. Your child’s ability to regulate their emotions will be affected by your own. If you appear stressed, so will they. Make sure you are taking care of yourself. Staying connected to your friends and family will be vital for this. If you’re in need of professional help then I recommend using as it is a helpful aid in searching for an appropriate therapist.
  • Make sure to let you child know that you are going to keep them safe. Your child’s sense of safety is incredibly important. Let them know you have everything under control and that it is your job to take care of them. Spend time with your child and plan activities in order to engage and be present with them.
Managing Your Child’s Stress In The Midst Of A Pandemic
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