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Let’s Meet Tracy Smith

Tracy Kraus Smith was born in Lodi, Ohio, in the northeast Ohio area. She got her B.S. degree from The Ohio State University and is a true Buckeye fan. While at OSU, she lived on the same dorm floor as Mitchell and they began dating. After graduation, Tracy and Mitch were married and moved out to California where he was working. They lived in Torrance, CA for five years, then came to Cincinnati to raise their two children Matthew and Rebecca.

Her initiation into Kindervelt came as Tracy met other Kindervelt members through Cub Scouts when she was a den leader. Her friendships with those moms got her an invitation in 1995 to join KV #57 Northeast (formerly Landen).

Like so many KV members, Tracy jumped right in and got super involved. She has held most positions in her group including several terms as President. She has chaired Ruffles and Raffles and was her group’s Markt Rep (Kindervelt Krafts) for several years,

She was the Citywide Markt Chair (Jingle all the Way) in 2011 held at Receptions in Loveland. She has held several Citywide Board of Trustee positions which led to the position of Citywide President for 2016-17. For several years Tracy has chaired the Kindervelt Fall Event. Tracy is again chairing our 2020 Fall Event, so look to book more Fall Fun.

On a personal note, Tracy is a gifted pottery artisan, showcasing her items at outdoor art shows. She promotes and sells her ceramic wind-chimes, bird-feeders, toad houses, plant hangers and more! She works out of her home studio and calls her business THE PLAYROOM. Tracy also enjoys computer work and has mastered the art of printing invitations, flyers, and designs of all types. She and Mitch have a large country setting with horses, dogs, chickens and angus beef.

A quote by Howard Cosell is a favorite of Tracy’s; “Don’t quest for popularity at the expense of morality and ethics and honesty.”

Thank you, Tracy for giving so much to Kindervelt and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Let’s Meet Tracy Smith
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