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September 2019 President’s Message

Welcome to a new year of “Together We Can Make A Difference!” I hope you all had a great summer. Now that fall is upon us, it’s time to ramp up our Kindervelt activities. This includes seeing our Kindervelt friends whom we have not seen the past couple of months. This is an exciting time as we come together again, refreshed and full of energy, to plan a new year of events.

Although we had a little more time for relaxation this summer, some groups were busy with summer events. The work of Kindervelt continued with many groups selling programs and ice at the Western & Southern Open, having pool parties, hosting Bunco events, organizing golf outings and many other activities. It was time well spent as you spread your enthusiasm for Kindervelt and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to new neighbors and friends.

Thank you to all members who stepped forward to take a leadership role in your groups by agreeing to fill an officer position. It is a really fun and rewarding way to help raise funds. Also, a big thanks to all the members of this year’s Board of Trustees, City Wide Events and the Nominating Committees. I look forward to an exciting year working together!

This fall brings many new membership opportunities as we reach out to neighbors and friends to join and share in our excitement. I encourage each of you to promote Kindervelt and the good works we do by inviting a friend to attend one of your Kindervelt meetings. By increasing our visibility, we can increase our membership and accomplish more. More willing hands means we can spread the work and feelings of satisfaction among many. We can make this happen if we continue to share our commitment and enthusiasm!

I received a donation from a six-year-old girl named Pepper Jones. She helped her grandmother roll change and was given the chance to help others with the money if she would like. Pepper chose to give her $14.00 to Kindervelt to help other children. Thank you, Pepper, you brought a tear to my eye for being such a generous young lady! The children at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital are grateful that you have learned at such a young age to give to others.

Together We Can Make A Difference,

Bonnie Hueneman City President

September 2019 President’s Message
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