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June 2019 President’s Message

$510,000!!! I was shocked and thrilled when the numbers popped up at the Annual Dinner. You should be very proud of our contribuBon to The Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. This is the culminaBon ofEVERYONE’S hard work – in whatever way you were able to contribute. Every person in every group should pat themselves on the back; you all deserve to celebrate the hard work that you have done the past year.

A big thank you to Pat Wahl for arranging a wonderful evening with April Showers Bring The “Blooms” to May Flowers. It was so nice to spend Bme with Kindervelt friends in a relaxed atmosphere full of delicious food and an exciBng umbrella reveal. CongratulaBons to Katrina Smith, the recipient of the Barbara Fitch award. You are always there, ready to fill any job that needs doing. You truly exemplify the true Kindervelt Spirit!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the 2018-2019 Board for their dedicaBon and hard work. They worked hard to fulfill their jobs and went above and beyond in many cases. No thank-you would be complete without thanking the groups. You are the backbone of this organizaBon and though I usually only see your presidents on a regular basis, I realize that it takes more than a president to make the group funcBon smoothly. I came away from each Leadership meeBng with posiBve feelings – the enthusiasm and commitment of your presidents is contagious! To those taking on new offices for the 2019-2020 year, I welcome you. I truly appreciate your willingness to make room for Kindervelt in your busy lives.

Most groups take a breather during the summer, but there are groups that have major fundraisers. I know the minds of Kindervelt members never stop, so there is a lot of planning going on over the summer. Take Bme to relax and smell the flowers and the ideas will come. Thank you all for everything you have done over the year, and I look forward to working with all of you in the fourth year of our division. Together We Can Make a Difference!

Have a great summer,

Bonnie Hueneman City President

June 2019 President’s Message
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