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Key Takeaway’s from Dr. Sorter’s April 2nd Presentation

  • Famous people who suffer from depression and/or anxiety that persevered and did/do great things:  Charles Dickens, Michelangelo, Buzz Aldrin, Ernest Hemingway, Isaac Newton, Beethoven, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Radcliffe, Lady Gaga.
  • Myth #1…It doesn’t affect me. Actually, 1 in 5 people experience some type of mental health issue, 1 in 10 will have a major issue.
  • Myth #2…Kids don’t have mental health issues. Unfortunately, they do, some even at a very young age.  10-12% of children will suffer from a serious mental health issue.  1 of 10 of them will be disabled due to it.  Every classroom has 2- 3 children affected.  About half of the children start experiencing the issues by the age of 14.  8% of adolescents experience a major mental health event.   Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for young people.  It is a national problem requiring community action, which we are a part of.  Our work is very important.
  • Myth #3…People with mental health issues are violent and unpredictable. In reality, most are not.  Only 3-5% of violent acts are contributed to people suffering from mental health issues.  Many times they are the victims of violent acts though.
  • Myth #4...People with mental health issues have a personality weakness and they should be able to “snap out of it” on their own.  This is not true.  There are many reasons for the issues such as brain chemistry, trauma, and family history.  It is not due to personal weakness.
  • Myth #5…There is no hope for people with mental health issues.  Actually, people do get better and become successful adults if they get the treatments they need.
  • Myth #6…I can’t do anything to help someone with mental health issues. Unfortunately, most don’t get care that is needed, but there are ways we can help.  Foster care systems for these children are very important.  Commitment to mental health care is vital and the movement in Cincinnati is better than most other areas where there are large gaps in care.  In Ohio 75 counties have no child services to help them.
  • Myth #7…Mental health issues are caused by bad parenting. It can contribute to it, but no, it does not cause it.
  • Myth #8…Mental health issues shouldn’t be discussed.  No, it shouldn’t be a secret anyone has to keep.  You should be up front about it.


Key Takeaway’s From Dr. Sorter’s April 2nd Presentation
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