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An Update from the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

We’ve been busy this summer! Thanks to your generous commitment to support mental health over the next four years, we were able to move forward in our plans to create a dedicated space for children and families experiencing a mental health crisis.

We immediately began renovations to a space in C2 to create the Kindervelt Psychiatric Emergency Assessment Center (KV PEACe). As we usually see an increase each fall of young people experiencing a mental health crisis (such as depression, suicidal thoughts, aggression, etc.), it was important that we complete this space before the start of the new school year. Constructiton lasted 10 weeks and wrapped up in middle of August –with patients and families using the space shortly after! We did a soft opening on August 22nd, using the space only between 5pm – 1 am, to ensure a smooth transition and use of space. In the first week alone, KV PEACe cared for more than 30 patients and their families. We anticipate moving to a 24/7 schedule by mid-September and look forward to offering this care around the clock.

We strived to create a center that is environmentally and therapeutically ready for psychiatric work, and could support the more than 20 patients per day who come to the emergency department in a mental health crisis. Located on the floor above the ED, KV PEACe has five rooms dedicated to patient evaluations and a large family waiting room. The rooms offer safe, soothing spaces for patients to decompress, be observed and receive necessary care. The care team works with families and outpatient providers to determine next steps, taking the time needed to involve parents, schools and other wrap-around services to ensure a care plan is in place. The goal is to help families address the immediate mental health needs of their child and create a plan for future support so that the child can then return home to their families.

We invite you to join us on future tours of the space over the next few years to learn more about this space and critical program. Thank you again for making this new model of care possible.

An Update From The Division Of Child And Adolescent Psychiatry
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