The Rusty Ball


Duke Energy Center
United States

Tickets are available for the Rusty Ball, one of the largest fundraising events in Cincinnati.  Purchase your tickets and select Kindervelt as your beneficiary and we receive a portion of the ticket cost.  November 8th at the Duke Energy Center.  To purchase tickets, click HERE.


Cincinnati Children's "Ask me Why" commercials.

In case you didn't see the commercials run by Cincinnati Children's during the holidays, we have them below. These new TV ads feature Cincinnati Children’s patients and families and one of their cancer researchers, all of whom volunteered to share their stories. Very moving, worth a quick view.

September 2014 Newsletter

The September edition of the Kindervelt Newsletter is available! To view & print this newsletter, click HERE



Benken's Gift Card Sale

Ordering gift cards to use at Benken's is easy and your group will earn 20% of each card sold. Contact Sue Jeffries at

To download this order form, click HERE.


North Pole Express


Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad
United States

It's that time of year again! Get your tickets to the "North Pole Express" train ride. A 45 minute vintage (unheated) train ride on November 22nd includes a narration of the endearing holiday story The Polar Express, complete with Santa, elves, caroling and more.  Trains depart: 10am, 11:15am, 12:30pm, 1:45pm, 3pm, 4:15pm and 5:30pm. Pajamas welcome. Questions, call the hotline at: 513-588-0074

To download and print a flyer with nore information and with an order form attached, click HERE.

To download just an order form, click HERE.

All aboard for the 16th annual Kindervelt North Pole Express!

Children's heart patient, Chloe and her mom, Gina enjoying the ride with Santa on the 2013 North Pole Express.


Facebook User info

If you have a Facebook account, please read and take action. Social Media is powerful and we need all to help out.  To print this out, click HERE.

How to help Kindervelt Market & Gala on Facebook

In order of time required, from a few seconds to a few minutes:
1.     Go to
        a.     Click Like

2.     Any time a post by Kindervelt Market and Gala appears in your Home feed:
        a.     Like it.
        b.     AND Share it

3.     Go to

        a.     Scroll down to where you’ll see a box that says something like “38 Friends Like Kindervelt Market & Gala.”  Beneath the tiny photos of your friends it says “Invite Your Friends to Like This Page.”  To the right, it says “See All.”  Click on “See All.”  A page listing all your friends will come up.  Invite any friends who live in the tri-state area, even if (especially if!) they aren’t members of Kindervelt. 

4.     Ask each member of your KV group to also do these things. 

5.     Thank you!  And if you do the same thing at it’ll help Kindervelt get the word out for all our other events and news! 

For those who are interested in understanding why these things are important (everyone else can stop reading now): 

When you LIKE a page, a certain percentage of posts made by that page’s administrators will show up in your Home feed.  Facebook doesn’t distribute every post to every liker, though – they test the waters by sending out the post to a few of a page’s likers first.    If some of them then like the post, FB says, “Hm, this post is interesting to people who like that page – let’s send it to a few more of them.”  So when you like a post, what you’re doing is helping it get distributed to a larger percentage of those who’ve already liked the page. 

When you also SHARE the post, it goes to a certain percentage of your friends who HAVEN’T already liked the page.  If some of them then like it, it’ll go to more of your friends.  So by sharing, you’re helping distribute that post to people who otherwise would never see the post.  This is why it’s important not only to LIKE a post but to also SHARE that post.

We invite our friends to like the KV Market & Gala page because when/if they do like it, the same thing happens for them -- a certain percentage of the page’s posts will show up in their Home feeds.   If they like it/share it, it’ll again get greater distribution. 

If we can get every KV member with a FB account to do all of these things, we can end up promoting our event to literally thousands of people, and all for free.  So please, if you only have a few seconds, go like the page, and when you see a post go past, like and share it.  When you have a few minutes, invite your tri-state friends to like the page.  And at your next meeting, ask your group to help too.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

KV #57 Tastefully Simple

For the month of October, order from the Tastefully Simple Catalog and a donation will be made to Kindervelt. Details below. Use this link to order, click HERE.

Sangria & Silpada Party

Join your Market Steering committee at a "Sangria & Silpada Party", Tuesday, October 28th between 6pm-9pm, Open House style. More info: Ree @  To shop online, click HERE. Choose Val or Sue as your hostess.

13060 Coopermeadow Lane

To download this flyer, click HERE.

KV 50 Fashion's Night Out

Kindervelt 50's annual Fashion show is set for Monday night November 10th from 6-11pm. Promises to be a fantastic night. For more info and online registration, click HERE.

As of this time, event is full. Check back at a later date to see if more seats open up.